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Service and Maintenance Contract

1) The contract will cover the regular operation of the computer systems – workstations and laptop - operating systems, application software (Microsoft Office, Norton Anti-Virus), networking and internet connectivity, shared printing, and hardware (see item 3).

2) Workstations: these will be inspected on a monthly basis. A weekly schedule will be arranged for basic maintenance (security and virus updates) to be carried out by the operator. In the event of hardware failure the response time will be within one working day and the system returned to full working condition including any software installation/ re-configuration required and restoration of backups.

3) Hardware: any spare parts required will be charged for but there will be no additional charge for installation or configuration.

4) Backups: it is the responsibility of the operator to maintain a regular backup schedule for data. It is not a requirement to backup operating systems or application software (Microsoft Office, Norton Anti-Virus). The contract does not cover restoration of additional or proprietary software installed. In the unlikely event of data loss occurring in the course of maintenance ABX2 will restore data from backups but is not liable for any data loss for files that have not been backed up.

5) Terms: a reported fault will initially be diagnosed by email or telephone to eliminate simple problems - if the fault is unresolved an engineer will examine the equipment within one working days or at an agreed date. If the engineer cannot resolve the fault on site the equipment will require workshop attention and will be returned within a reasonable time subject to spares availability.

6) Exclusions: the contract does not cover additional equipment added to the system or peripheral equipment – printers, scanners, cameras, etc. The contract does not cover damage (physical or electrical e.g. impact damage, power surges on mains supply, lightning strikes, etc), theft of all or part of equipment, software malfunction, virus damage, user or hacker induced faults (unintentional or malicious e.g. file deletion).

7) Liability: ABX2 undertakes to work within the spirit of the contract and offer a timely and reliable service. It is a condition of the contract, however, that ABX2 will not be held responsible for any loss – direct or indirect – resulting from loss of operation or mal-operation of equipment or data loss or corruption of data for whatever reason.

8) Termination of Contract: one month’s notice is required. The contract shall run until the end of the month following the date of notification.

9) Contract: the cost quoted will be maintained for a period of twenty four months and the contract will run on a rolling basis. Payment will be monthly in advance and can be made by cheque or standing order.

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