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Help File Creation

The help file for a program is often an afterthought and is a rushed inclusion at the end of a project.  We specialise in the creation of .chm help files (Microsoft compiled html) which can include images, screenshots and live internet links.  We recommend that this is commenced at an early stage in the project and is developed in conjunction with the product specification.  We also develop help file 'containers' which have the structure largely in place.  This enables the programming team to update the help file inhouse as the project evolves and a final specification is set.

  • Analysis of project
  • Creation of 'container'
  • Splitting of specification into logical steps (from an end user viewpoint)
  • Keywords, search terms, associated items, A_keywords
  • Context numbering (for context sensitive help)
  • Screen capture, image processing
  • Updating, error checking, debugging
  • Compilation and delivery


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