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As equipment and software is often bought piecemeal companies can reach a point over several years where they do not know how many computers they have, what specifications they are, and what software they have purchased.  This information is required for a number of reasons: for insurance purposes, to check if new software will run on the machines it is required to, for management to check on licence compliance, etc.

We check and document every machine - CPU type, RAM, hard disk size, free hard disk space, operating system, what application software is installed, etc.  This information is supplied as both a document and in database format to enable updating.

We can also supply a network documentation service.  Every aspect of the network - machine names, configuration, ip addresses used, users, groups and permissions, email configuration (including Exchange Server), etc, is documented.  This information is important from a servicing and maintenance perspective and is vital in the event of disaster recovery being required at some stage.


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